Just Asking

I believe the big headline of 2005 will be a 30-person agency winning a $300 million account and needing no additional staff because of how efficient agencies are becoming now. And down the road this means more efficiencies for clients. ‘Advertisers Find Their Fragmented Audience Congregating in Online Game Portals.’ —Dan Ferguson, creative director, Blockdot in Dallas

‘Hummer Thumbs Its Nose at Environmentalists, Introduces the FUV,’ ‘Donny Deutsch Hired, Then Fired, by Donald Trump,’ ‘John Hancock to Sponsor Sudden Death in NFL Games’ [and seriously] ‘Kid in Baltimore Watches First Commercial on Cell Phone.’

I think the biggest news in the industry this year will be the morphing of media from static desktop or television to wireless. No one will listen to regular radio anymore because they will all listen to satellite radio.

‘Ad Industry Forced into Originality by Hyper-Informed Consumers.’ I think consumers today have so much information at their fingertips, and they are so inundated by advertising messages, that the same old bullshit doesn’t work anymore. The idea will become king again. Smart brands are paying attention to that. And that’s good for the entire industry.