Just Asking

I love the ‘I Love Bees’ viral campaign for the launch of the Halo 2 videogame! The project was huge—millions of people went to the Web site [ilovebees.com] to listen to the story, and thousands of hard-core players ran around the U.S. to answer payphones that would unlock new pieces of the story every week. —Sasha Kurtz, cd, Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners’ Dotglu in New York.

I’m beginning to suspect the best use of Web advertising is to shift the budget to a paid medium like TV or outdoor that people will actually see. Having said that, I really liked the Bacardi site for Bacardi and Cola [bacardiandcola.com]. —Jason Gaboriau, ecd, Amalgamated in New York

The work Fallon did for Lee jeans with the 90-foot woman, which used a phone number rather than the URL [in a TV spot. A voicemail message directed consumers to dontflinch.us]. It makes people work a little harder, but it’s probably that thing that makes you want to see (the spot) again. —Michael Borosky, cd, Eleven in San Francisco

BMW films [BMWfilms.com]. That kicked the door open and changed the definition of ‘Web advertising.’ —Jim Lesser, ecd, BBDO West in San Francisco

Absolut has done an excellent job of transcending their brand essence with true interactivity [Absolut.com]. Especially the rich-media ad with a bottle textured as a lemon and the cursor, which turns into a peeler. —James Hering, director of interactive marketing, TM Interactive in Irving, Texas

I don’t like bombardment strategies. I like microsites that, once you’ve found your target, draw them to this place. It’s much more impactful to invite people there as if it were a VIP room. —Steffan Postaer, chief creative officer, Euro RSCG in Chicago