Juice Maker Updates Its Attitude

Outdoor, Radio Ads From Holland Mark Tout Heritage, New Products
BOSTON – “Wholesome irreverence” is how Holland Mark Martin Edmund describes its latest outdoor and radio ads for juice maker Veryfine.
Six 60-second spots breaking in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and elsewhere star actor Tom Poston, whose hangdog delivery lends itself to the “wholesomely irreverent” tone of the ads, said Chris Dimmock, brand supervisor at the Boston-based agency.
The effort combines a “corporate identity message with some new product news,” such as the introduction of the zero-calorie Fruit20 beverage, said Michael Brandt, director of marketing at Veryfine.
In one spot, Poston begins: “I’m determined to get back my boyish figure. So I’ve been drinking this new Veryfine Fruit20 and sitting in this steamroom to get buffed.” A female voice interjects: “Excuse me, I’ve got this pain. Could you massage my back?”
She fails to get a rise from Poston, even after her towel comes undone. After a reminder of Veryfine’s family heritage, he leaves the steamroom to continue working out, bidding his young admirer to “Have a good one.” Holland Mark developed that tagline for the Littleton, Mass., client last year.
Previous Veryfine billboards featured historical vignettes about the company. This year, “outdoor is more in tune with building recognition,” Dimmock said. Product shots and simple slogans dominate, including, “Veryfine: Innocent bystanders in the cola wars.” The heritage angle is not completely discarded, however, as one board reminds passersby, “We survived the Depression, two World Wars and the big hair 80s,” while another promises, “We’d never sell the family company. Grandpa would whoop us silly!”
Sales at privately held Veryfine, founded four generations ago and still owned by the Rouse family, have been flat the past year but have shown an uptick in recent months, Dimmock said.
“Brand awareness was up 38 percent” in the past year, based on company research, Brandt said. And given the stiff competition from Tropicana and Minute Maid, senior management believes, “we’re in it for the long haul,” in terms of advertising moving sales, Brandt said.
The client spent about $2.3 million on advertising last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. ¡