Judds, KMart End The 1900s

It’s never too early to start planning for the millennium. Just ask Korbel (“the official champagne”) or M&M’s (“the official candy”). Now Kmart is getting into the act, by sponsoring an act.
The Troy, Mich.-based retailer has signed its Big K superstores on as the title sponsor for The Judds’ reunion concert on Dec. 31, 1999, in Phoenix. It has also signed the mother/daughter country music duo to a two-year marketing deal that will involve Big K store appearances and other marketing efforts, which may include advertising from Campbell Mithun Esty in Minneapolis.
Naomi Judd (who has recovered from the hepatitis C infection that has kept her from touring since 1991) said Big Kmart represents the family values in which she and Wynona believe.
“Big Kmart is where we go when we are travelling on our tour bus all across America,” Naomi said in a statement. “Folks consider us reliable old friends, and that’s how we view Big Kmart.”
–Aaron Baar