Jose Cuervo Toasts the End of the World in Apocalyptic Ad From CP+B and Ringan Ledwidge

Tequila and Elvis are all you need

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When the apocalypse comes—and it may be sooner rather than later—liquor brands will be well positioned to see an immediate (if brief) surge in consumption. And so will Elvis Presley records, according to CP+B’s fun new campaign for Jose Cuervo.

Cuervo uses an end-of-days scenario in charming fashion as a metaphor for living in the moment in the two-minute spot below, directed by Rattling Stick’s Ringan Ledwidge (who previously brought us such gems as the Guardian’s “Three Little Pigs” and Audi’s “Duel”).

The ad, which will run on TV nationally as a :60, opens in a remote bar as an announcer on TV is delivering the bad news. He’s quickly cut off, however, which is just as well. It gives the bar patrons a moment to consider their options. And while many bolt for the exits, several consider tequila and the jukebox to be a wiser choice.

Check out the spot here:

The coolness factor is stratospheric here. There’s an element of Southern Comfort’s beach guy, mixed with a bit of CP+B’s oblivious-to-danger characters from the Letgo campaign. And the Elvis ballad, “It’s Now or Never,” which was the second best-selling single of Presley’s career, is conceptually perfect and cuts right through the mayhem.

The tagline at the end reads, “Tomorrow Is Overrated,” which is a fun way to highlight tequila’s reputation as a liquor that can lead to unparalleled nights of abandon—and a way to emphasize the primacy of now in times of uncertainty.

“This campaign bluntly points out that whatever awaits us tomorrow might not be that great of a reason to miss out the fun you could be having tonight,” says Kevin Jones, chief creative officer at CP+B LA. “And with all the uncertainty there is in the world now, this message seems particularly relevant.”

“At tequila’s core is an energy and excitement that sets it apart from other alcoholic beverages. But all we see on TV is a string of bottle beauty shots, agave fields and sweaty rocks glasses,” says Daniel Mandelbaum, group brand director at Jose Cuervo. “With over 220 years of tequila-making experience, it’s our duty to remind people that tequila is the ultimate catalyst to fully embrace the moment you are in right now.”

The campaign will also include pre-roll ads that “compare some mundane tasks awaiting people tomorrow to the fun of living in the moment,” the brand says. See some examples of those spots below. The pre-roll ads were directed by Biscuit Filmworks’ Ayse Altinok.

Client: Jose Cuervo
Campaign Title: “Tomorrow is Overrated”
Spot: “Last Days”
Agency: CP+B LA
Chief Creative Officer: Kevin Jones
Creative Director: Paddy Fraser
Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Jeff Dryer
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Client Titles & Names: Mark Teasdale, President and CEO of Proximo Spirits + Daniel Mandelbaum, Group Brand Director + Joergen Boyschau, Sr. Brand Manager + Steve Doan, Brand Manager

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.