Jordan: ‘It’s Not OKlahoma’

Through the poignancy of black-and-white photography and REM’s “Everybody Hurts,” Jordan Associates in Oklahoma City is bringing a new emphasis to child abuse prevention in a statewide pro bono campaign launched last week.
Jordan has completed its first work for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services by targeting inflicters of abuse in 30- and 60-second public service announcements on local cable and network affiliates. The spots aim to influence abusive parents who normally tune out child-abuse hotline messages, by giving them a toll-free number to call for help themselves.
“Unfortunately, past efforts to curtail child abuse have fallen short by not offering the abuser a positive course of action,” said ODHS commissioner Steve Bailey.
The television ads show pictures of children juxtaposed with messages of the verbal attacks kids endure and which sometimes lead to physical abuse. With an image of a child on a swing, copy states, “I’m always in the way.” Another visual of a young smiling boy is headlined, “I can’t do anything right.”
The campaign, which also includes radio and outdoor ads, is themed “Child abuse . . . It’s not OKlahoma,” with the OK emphasized in bold letters.
Rhonda Hooper, executive vice president at Jordan, said the campaign was created after lengthy research and concept strategy sessions by a statewide volunteer group. Advertising is backed by a $300,000 budget, which has been doubled through leveraged media partnerships, according to Hooper.