The Jonas Brothers’ Venn Diagram

Or, Celebrity Still Sells

     imc2 brought back the beloved Venn diagram on Sunday. "Gone is the consumer era where we dictated messages to the masses," went the program's description of imc2's panel. "Now we are in the relationship era, the Venn era of locating and cultivating common ground." That, at least, was the conceit used to justify the presence on stage of Nick Jonas, star musician of the Jonas Brothers. He may have nothing to do with Swedish art directors, "but now check out the Venn intersection of the Jonas Brothers and girls aged 7 to 14. The overlap is whopping. Now tell those girls you’re going to spend the morning with Nick Jonas. The next thing you will hear is eardrum-piercing shrieks. And, in an instant, you will have miraculously been rendered cool."

     Spending the afternoon with Nick Jonas at the Palais, there were no ear-piercing shrieks, and no girls aged 7 to 14. Instead, Jonas' Venn diagram seemed to overlap most significantly with the three or four photographers who charged to the foot of the stage and clicked away rapidly throughout the panel (only slightly awkward for the others). The audience, meanwhile, was more or less silent, and certainly more interested in what Mashable CTO Frederick Townes and imc2 CMO Ian Wolfman had to say. But the theater was full. Proof, perhaps, that the Venn intersection works after all. Or, more likely, that celebrities draw consumers. Who knew? A clip, from the folks at Cannes Lions: