Joining The Dots

The Wall Street Journal has come up with an inventive way to fight billboard clutter.

Last week, the paper and its ad agency, J. Walter Thompson in New York, unveiled a gargantuan 200-foot- wide banner with the tagline, ‘Whose page are you on?’ amidst the rehabilitation chaos of the Grand Concourse in Grand Central Station, New York.

The 800-pound ad features the mugs of six captains of industry whom the WSJ thinks have changed the course of their respective fields.

A contest has been created in which readers are asked to identify all six business leaders. Among the prizes to be awarded are subscriptions to the WSJ and a framed dot drawing of the grand prize winner.

The corporate Mount Rushmore includes two easy guesses: lifestyle czarina Martha Stewart and media mogul Ted Turner. The remaining four are trickier.

The faces on the banner have been magnified 204 times from originals created by four WSJ artists, whose pointillistic ‘hedcuts’ have become a graphic signature of the paper.

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