Joiner’s Sebring Is Loan Ranger

Joiner Rowland Serio here has launched the first phase of what potentially could be a $6 million account for new client Sebring Capital of Dallas.
Two 30-second television spots and outdoor executions highlight a new approach by Sebring to stake a claim in the cluttered home equity lending market in Texas. The company has laid claim to a toll-free number with easier recall and is trying a soft-sell approach to reach a wider array of incomes and credit categories, according to agency president Jay Serio.
“Everybody out there is explaining why a home equity loan is good for you,” said Serio. “We’re not doing that. If people are having cash problems, they know it.”
With a “Give Sebring a ring” tag, the client is focusing on keeping its brand at the forefront, rather than a mix of home loan offerings like credit card consolidations and 125 percent loan-to-value notes.
Mark Dinkins, senior vice president of retail marketing for Sebring, said the company chose JRS without a review for its direct marketing capabilities. Joiner replaces Dallas’ B.A. Advertising, hired in late 1997.
In the first year that Texas was opened to home equity lending, Sebring sold its services primarily through radio and print. But JRS is putting Sebring on television to facilitate the company’s new 1-800-SEBRING phone number, replacing the former 1-888-ALOAN4U.
Sebring will focus on the Dallas/Fort Worth market initially, but has plans to expand nationally. It is currently licensed to operate in 36 states.