Johnson, Former DAL Officer, Dies at 58

DALLAS Mark Johnson, past president of the Dallas Ad League, lost his battle to cancer, dying last Friday at the age of 58, the organization said.

Johnson, a retired advertising manager for The Wall Street Journal‘s Southwest region, served as DAL president from 1997-98 and treasurer from 1998-99.

Credited with revitalizing the DAL in the mid-’90s, Johnson volunteered to take up the vacated post of first vice president in 1996, which led to his run as president a year later, the association said.

According to Jim Goodnight, DAL’s vice president of legislation and director of the Temerlin Advertising Institute at Southern Methodist University, under Johnson’s direction, the DAL prospered and became financially healthy.

“Mark brought back vitality to the Dallas Ad League at one of the organization’s lowest points,” said Goodnight. “He got the past presidents together and created a whole new board. His leadership, enthusiasm and way of understanding finances really saved the league.”

In addition, Johnson is remembered for his efforts in fulfilling the league’s mission as the “unifying voice for advertising.” During his term, Johnson strengthened DAL programs and events and united more than 30 marketing communications clubs in the area with a system of shared mailing lists.

“Mark had a unique way of recruiting you,” said Dennis D’Amico, DAL’s immediate past president. “He was personally responsible for getting me more involved in the league and I know he got other people fired up as well. He was very persuasive—you just couldn’t say no to him.”

His wife, Lorraine, five children and two grandchildren survive Johnson.