Jogging Into the Sunset for Racetrack

DALLAS Horses appear in surprising situations in new TV spots breaking Monday from The Richards Group for Lone Star Park at Grand Prairie (Texas), a horseracing venue.

In “Joggers,” two men run through a downtown area and jog in place when they get to a stoplight. A horse approaches them from behind. The narrator asks, “The horses are ready, are you?” as the scene cuts to shots of racing horses and screaming fans. The spot closes with the silhouettes of the two joggers followed by a horse at sunset.

The second ad presents a man working late in his office. As the clock ticks and he types away, another sound gets louder: hooves. When the man looks up, he sees a horse’s head popping over his cubicle. The spot has the same voicecopy and racing scenes as “Joggers.”

The 30-second spots from the independent Dallas shop will air in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex through July. The campaign to promote the April 3 start of the racing season also includes outdoor that reads “Get Lucky Tonight” and “Must Be Present to Win” and features the track’s logo.