Jockey Reopens Review to 2 More Agencies

Two late entrants have emerged as contenders in the review for the creative portion of Jockey International’s $10-15 million account.
Wells BDDP in New York and Martin/Williams in Minneapolis have joined the two agencies that had been designated finalists: M&C Saatchi and Partners & Shevack, both in New York. A decision had been expected in August, following presentations from the two contenders.
Sources said, however, that Jockey executives were not impressed with what they saw during those presentations. Martin/Williams and Wells were then contacted and met with the client.
“We felt it might not be bad to have a further look,” David Drescher, vice president of marketing and advertising at the Racine, Wis.-based underwear marketer said last week.
Creative and strategic presentations from the newcomers are set for later this month. Martin/Williams and Wells declined comment.
Drescher said M&C Saatchi and Partners & Shevack remain under consideration. “Meetings with all four are ongoing,” he said. A decision is expected later this month.
The review, which began in late spring, does not involve media duties. Those responsibilities will remain at Advanswers in St. Louis.
At least one of the previous finalists remained cautiously optimistic about its chances. “We are still hopeful that we may secure the Jockey business,” said Don Morrison, chief operating officer at M&C Saatchi.
Officials at Partners & Shevack could not be reached for comment.
Jockey’s incumbent agency, Fairman, Schmidt & Cappelli, Chicago, was not invited to defend the business. Initial contenders, all of which were in New York, included Grey Advertising, which was cut prior to the final presentations.
Jockey launched a “Sport” underwear line in April following research indicating a strong consumer connection between Jockey and sports, due to a long line of athletic endorsers in its advertising such as former baseball star Jim Palmer.