Job Site Brings Back Viral Monkeys

Hot off of the success of its “Monk-e-Mail” Web site, online job placement company is seeking another viral hit with “Poo, peel, pound.” This time, college kids are encouraged to have the brand’s monkey mascots battle via a prehistoric version of rock, paper, scissors.

Part of its property (focused on students and recent graduates),, which went live this month, allows players to throw poo or a banana peel, or pound the opponent. It will be supported with a mobile marketing tour, ads in student newspapers and online efforts.

The game capitalizes on the current resurgence of the classic rock, paper, scissors game. The Rock Paper Scissors League, Los Angeles, founded this year, boasts Bud Light as an official sponsor.

Playing off that buzz, Swivel Media, San Francisco, approached Careerbuilder with an idea: Create a game based on the findings of a fictional zoologist, who discovered that monkeys in prehistoric times played a similar game to resolve conflicts. At, peel beats poo, poo beats pound, pound beats peel.

Since it was launched after the monkey-themed Super Bowl spot in February, there have been 10.1 million unique visitors to the Monk-e-Mail micro site, and 70 million messages have been sent.

“We had 23 million unique visitors [at] in October, a record amount, and Monk-e-Mail was one of the factors driving that success,” said Richard Castellini, vp, consumer marketing,, Chicago. “The way to engage consumers is not to spoon-feed them your brand message.”