Job-seekers, Beware

Don’t take that job and shove it quite yet. The market for jobs in advertising, media and marketing continues to be tepid, judging by the volume of help-wanted classified ads running in Adweek. Indeed, things regressed in April. After a first quarter of ups and downs, last month was almost uniformly down, with New England yielding the only number with a plus sign in front of it. While ad spending has shown some gains, this hasn’t prompted much hiring—not a good omen for job-seekers.

Remember that long-awaited recovery in the market for jobs in advertising, media and marketing? You can keep awaiting it. Despite some hints earlier in the year that things were bottoming out, the long decline continues, as reflected in the volume of help-wanted inventory in the past is lost art. On the other hand, this is a job market in which employers can their terms on the rare occasions when they do fill a position.