In its latest execution for online job search engine thingamajob.com, Eisner Communications carves out a niche—literally.

An ad appearing atop San Francisco taxis depicts a surgical team in an operating theater being led by a butcher in a blood-spattered apron. The “surgeon” appears to have successfully removed a link of sausage from a patient’s abdomen. The caption reads: “Because you don’t want to hire the wrong person.”

The ad is tied to the Society of Human Relations Managers’ annual convention being held in San Francisco this month.

“This is a market that has been hit hard by the high-tech meltdown,” said Abe Novick, senior vice president of the Baltimore shop. “We want to stress that unlike monster.com, where you slap up a resumé and hope for the best, thingamajob has dedicated recruiters guiding users to the right employers.”

A tagline appears on cab receipts: “How refreshing, a dot-com that fills positions instead of eliminating them.”