JMC&T Taps New ECD – Ilon Specht Steps Into a Position Left Vacant Since Former Chairman Jim Jordan Retired

By Hank Kim and Teresa Andreoli

NEW YORK–Jordan, McGrath, Case & Taylor has named longtime group creative director Ilon Specht its new executive creative director.

‘Ilon possesses the brilliance and the passion to inspire advertising that sells our clients’ brands, and also helps to build awareness for JMC&T as an agency that creates effective advertising,’ said agency president Pat McGrath.

The last person to hold this position was former agency chairman Jim Jordan, who retired in March 1995.

After the retirement of Jordan, McGrath left a handful of creative directors with responsibilities for specific accounts. Most of the New York agency’s creative work fell under the purview of either Specht or fellow group creative director Mark Itkowitz, but there was no single person in charge of overall creative output.

McGrath cited agency growth and increasing complexity in the marketplace as the reasons for his decision to consolidate creative control under one executive.

‘Whenever we’ve put together a new business reel over the past 5 to 10 years, Ilon’s work was (often) prominently featured,’ added McGrath.

‘My management style will be open and flexible, which will hopefully be adaptable to our diverse clientele, as well as creating a nurturing environment for both young and more experienced creative people,’ Specht said.

Specht started as a copywriter at Young & Rubicam in 1966. She joined Case & McGrath in 1975 before the 1981 merger with James Jordan Inc.

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