J&J Targets Moms via Advergame

NEW YORK Johnson & Johnson has launched an online video game as part of an effort to target mothers for its line of shampoos and soaps for children.

The game, dubbed Buddies Scrubbies, challenges players to get as many toddlers as possible into a tub for pre-bedtime baths. There’s a 2-minute time limit. Players use the company’s Buddies line of products to bathe the children.

Ottawa, Canada-based agency Fuel Industries created the game, available at www.johnsonsbuddies.ca. After playing the game, users can click to receive a product coupon.

While video gaming is often viewed as the preserve of teenagers, so-called “casual games” are most popular among adult women. According to a Consumer Electronics Association study, 65 percent of women 25-34 play video games.

Fuel has created advergames for clients like FedEx, HBO and DaimlerChrysler.