Jingle Backs Intro of Cheez-It Twisterz

CHICAGO Kellogg will introduce its new Cheez-It Twisterz crackers via a new campaign breaking today from Leo Burnett.

Television spots from the Chicago agency feature a shot of the cylindrical cracker and a simple jingle with lyrics such as “Twisty and turny and munch and crunchy/Bendy and curly and yummy with lunchy,” and continue the brand’s tagline, “Get your own box.”

The line extension marks the first time the crackers have been formed in a shape other than a square. The new Twisterz combine two flavors in one cracker, such as “Hot Wings and Cheesy Blue.”

Spending for the campaign was not disclosed, but a representative for the Battle Creek, Mich., company said the launch would be the largest for the brand in 10 years. Kellogg spent nearly $25 million on its Cheez-It brand last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.