Jimmy Dean D-Lights ‘Cloud’ the Issue

LOS ANGELES Sara Lee will introduce Jimmy Dean D-Lights breakfast sandwiches in spots breaking today, said Philippe Schaillee, vp of breakfast and snacking, Sara Lee Food & Beverage.

Omnicom’s TBWA\Chiat\Day in Playa del Rey, Calif., has fashioned two 30-second spots, print ads and online executions.

In “Colorless,” the costumed Rainbow character (played by an actress with a Spanish accent) enters an office where Sun and Cloud stare out the window at gloomy skies. She looks a bit pale, so Sun offers her a D-Light; her color returns and the sky brightens, making Cloud unhappy. “Yeah, everyone is colorful and happy,” Cloud grumbles. “I’m getting out of here.”

In “Boulder,” a discussion of the newspaper headline “Pumpkin-Size Hail” ensues. “Those were some big, honkin’ hailstones,” Sun remarks. Hail says he’s going to start eating healthier. Rainbow microwaves him a D-Light. “I love ’em,” she says. “And you don’t hear about any Rainbows crushing cars, do you?”

The tagline remains, “Happy breakfast.” Epoch Films’ Phil Morrison directed both spots.

Schaillee said Sara Lee’s research “shows a need for the consumption of sit-down breakfasts as well as more portable breakfasts; and consumers want indulgent breakfasts, but ones that are better for you.” He said D-Lights hot breakfast sandwiches (egg and turkey sausage on whole-grain muffins) bridge the gaps between hot sit-down meals and blander options such as bars and cereal. “That’s where we saw the opportunity,” Schaillee said. Female consumers, especially, have been shifting to “healthier, better-for-you breakfasts,” he said.

The media strategy includes “owning the morning [broadcasts], where there are more female consumer targets, and in targeted print and heavier online,” he added.

Print outlets include TV Guide, Ebony, Oprah, People and Fitness, among others.

Patrick O’Neill, creative director at TBWA\C\D said, “The characters have developed and grown as the portfolio has expanded. The Moon and the Cloud were introduced for Breakfast Bowls. Now we have Rainbow and Hail.”

The office setting was intended to target mobile-eating office workers, presenting an environment that normally sports “a lot of different personalities,” O’Neill said. “It was a fun place to show how Sun does his job and how the weather system all works together. Because [the broadcast spots] are running in the morning, we wanted it to be natural, unselfconscious, really relatable, with an effortless, charming humor.”

Sara Lee spent over $30 million last year advertising Jimmy Dean products, and more than $15 million through July 2007, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.