Jim Beam “Puppy”

Jameson gives us a namesake who fights a giant octopus in a new spot. A high-profile ad from Johnnie Walker’s offers a celebrated actor who eloquently recounts the brand’s history. And now bellying up to the bar: Jim Beam, which presents a “rent-a-puppy” scam to help guys pick up chicks. The spot opens in a park, where two women enjoy an afternoon picnic that’s quickly interrupted by an adorable pup. The dog’s male owner, or so it initially seems, rushes over to apologize. The girls pick up the puppy, gushing in that tone of voice you only hear when people talk to pets or babies. Two more dudes use the same trick. One sits poolside with a pug pup propped on a boat-shaped float (“He’s my first mate”), and the other reclines outside a bar, the only guy actually shown with a glass in his hand. Ultimately, the commercial — perhaps inspired by themes more often found in beer advertising — reveals the predictable punch line: a bunch of guys waiting in queue with cash in hand for their pick-up “props.” –Eleftheria Parpis