Jennings Is in It for the Long Haul

Jennings/The Agency introduced its first advertisingcampaign for Volvo Trucks North America this month.

The Chapel Hill, N.C., shop won the $1 million assignment from Volvo in January, in a review against incumbent Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis, and CWA and Trone Advertising, both in Greensboro, N.C.

Volvo, also in Greensboro, wanted a local agency to handle spring promotions for its line of rigs directed at owner/operators of long-haul fleets, according to Bob Kochuk, creative director at Jennings.

Four print ads shot in a mix of monochrome and color extend Carmichael’s tagline, “To new roads.” One ad shows a road full of potholes in black-and-white. The headline: “Our trucks are made to handle rough roads, bad weather and rocky economies.” A color photo of a Volvo truck is paired with it.

“We wanted to make the bridge from where Carmichael Lynch had taken them,” said Kochuk. “The black-and-white [imagery] was a good metaphor for talking about gloomy economical times.”

Ads will appear in Overdrive, Roadstar, Truckers News, Heavy Duty Trucking, CCJ and Equipment World.