Pricing Out Those Jennifer Aniston Sunglasses

We guessed wrong; the sunglasses are by Sama Eyewear

When Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel unveiled his candy-from-the-sky bit, Junior Mints was a fistful of Twitter moments ahead of Red Vines, quickly dropping some sweet social media acknowledgement. But identifying the brand of Jennifer Aniston’s donated sunglasses is a little trickier.

It’s not easy getting hold of an A-lister’s reps on the Monday after the Academy Awards. So kudos in the meantime to Yahoo Style news editor Lauren Tuck, who appears to have done the proper optical sleuthing.

We agree with her assessment; it does indeed look like the sunglasses handed over by Aniston to a Chicago couple as a wedding present during the telecast are a brand-new $525 item designed by Jason Wu.* Here’s the product description:

The Diane sunglasses in soft gold with 14K gold lenses is Jason Wu’s limited edition style to commemorate the tenth anniversary his eponymous collection. The 14K gold lenses Diane sunglasses features French 14K gold lenses, Italian embossed black snake temple tips, Swarovski pearl inlay at the frame face and temple and hypoallergenic titanium nose pads. Hand crafted in Japan. Limited quantities.

The happy tour bus couple–Vickie Vines and Gary Coe–will appear tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live. (Editor’s Note: That scheduled appearance was cancelled shortly after publication.) The Diane frames from Wu went on sale Feb. 15. Aniston may not have paid for them, of course; but it was wonderful to watch her hand over her sunglasses in the moment the way she did. Rachel still rules.

*Correction (10:00 p.m.):
The good folks at Sama Eyewear have informed us that the sunglasses brought to the Oscars Sunday by Aniston were in fact a pair of their Del Mar aviator frames, in solid gold. The retail price is a little higher than that of the Jason Wu item quoted above:​ ​$​​​625.00.

Sama Eyewear tells us new lenses were quickly cut this morning by designer Sheila Vance and a replacement pair sent over to Aniston.

Images via: Jason Yu Eyewear, Sama Eyewear

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