Jennifer Aniston Endorses…Paragon Honda?

There are companies that would pay millions to get an endorsement from Jennifer Aniston. One lucky Honda dealership got it for free.
Aniston was on “The View” last week to promote her latest movie, coincidentally on the same day that The New York Daily News reported that the star has been looking at buy a $15 million penthouse apartment in Greenwich Village. So the show’s hosts asked Aniston about the story—and handed her a copy of the paper, which featured a full-page ad for Paragon Honda, a dealership in Queens. And through that stroke of luck, Paragon Honda got the best kind of product placement it could have asked for: its ad in front of millions of Aniston’s fans.
“Thank god that we went with a full-page ad that day. If we had orchestrated the whole thing, we couldn’t have done it so well,” Brian Benstock, Paragon Honda’s general manager, says
Benstock says it’s too early to tell if Aniston’s inadvertent plug will result in more sales. But, he added, “we have been getting a tremendous amount of calls from industry insiders asking us how we pulled this off.”

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