Jeff Goodby

Jeff Goodby

• Co-chairman of Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

• Chairman of the 2002 Film and Press & Poster juries

• Grand Prix winner for the 1998 Nike skateboarding campaign

• His definition of a Grand Prix: “It should make anyone who sees it go home and do better work in the coming year.”

• On avoiding “more-creative-than-thou” syndrome: “Some jury chairmen start out with a presumption that the work will have a hard time meeting their high standards. This immediately makes for an atmosphere in which people aren’t comfortable saying they like anything. You have to temper strictness with a feeling that you’re archiving the best of advertising. Judging is not only about exclusion, but also inclusion.”

• Why he’ll embrace nationalism: “It’s part of the fun of the show. The World Cup is, at some level, about being proud of your country, and this is the World Cup of this business. What we don’t want is block voting—making deals that align certain countries against each other. That isn’t going to result in finding the best work.”