Jeep Touts Timeless Fun

NEW YORK Usually, commercials that are made up of a mix of archival footage tend to feel like cheap shortcuts, but a new Jeep spot from Cutwater in San Francisco, that features everything from the moon landing to a Godzilla battle, manages to celebrate the brand’s heritage while having some cheeky fun. The campaign’s tagline is “Have fun out there,” and this spot offers eye-catching Where’s Waldo excitement, as a Jeep (models matched appropriately for each time frame) “drives through” footage of Elvis Presley’s gyrations, Woodstock partying and even a scene from the Teletubbies. The dialogue-free spot’s final message: “66 years and still having fun.” Sunshine” by Jonathan Edwards provides the soundtrack. The Jeep, unlike the drum-banging Energizer Bunny, remains unobtrusive in each scene, just casually driving by the action, as if it’s always been there, and always will.