JDK on Ice Twice for Bauer Nike

Jager Di Paola Kemp has executed two separate branding campaigns for Bauer Nike Hockey featuring NHL stars Mario Le-mieux and Eric Lindros.

The dual efforts—one touting Nike’s Quest line of hockey equipment and one promoting Bauer products—were necessary to differentiate between the two brands following Nike’s purchase of Bauer several years ago.

“Each brand [sells] products which fit different niches in the market,” said Steve Farrar, a design director at JDK, Burlington, Vt.

One black-and-white execution for Nike’s Quest shows a photograph of Lemieux, along with the headline “Why” and the Nike swoosh logo. The copy reads: “Because I wasn’t happy with the view from the owner’s box. The Nike Quest Collection of Game-ReadyFit gear. New materials, new shapes, new thinking. Question what was, with what could be. Mario Lemieux. #66—What’s your quest?”

Another version presents a picture of a bare foot, along with the partial text, “Because I didn’t want my son to have to settle for a highlight reel.” Graphics of a hockey stick, helmet and a pair of skates are shown at the bottom of each ad.

“The strategy for Nike was to reposition them not as powerhouse Nike, but to establish them in a humble way,” said Farrar.

Nike’s platform is “Why” be-cause the brand brings a questioning attitude to the game. The new efforts tout both the Quest line of products and the overall brand, according to Farrar.

A print ad for Bauer presents an illustration of Lindros, along with “The Power of Bauer” written in red against a white background.

“We chose to use an illustration rather than a photograph to give [the ad] a youthful edge,” said Farrar.

Both advertising campaigns are appearing in sport-specific publications such as Let’s Play Hockey, American Hockey and N.E. Hockey Journal. The work will run through April.

Lindros of the New York Rangers and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Lemieux both played on Canada’s Olympic gold-medal-winning team. JDK is currently designing in-store and consumer posters for both brands celebrating the victory at Salt Lake City.

The agency’s client roster in-cludes Burton Snowboards, Intra-west Resorts and Timex.