JDK Breaks Through for ‘Shakedown’

BOSTON Shattered glass represents the extreme sport of snowboarding in an upcoming campaign for Mack Dawg Productions’ upcoming film Shakedown. The work was crafted by independent Jager DiPaola Kemp Design in Burlington, Vt.

One execution shows a group of snowboarders clad in black T-shirts standing behind a broken pane of glass; the film’s title is rendered in red letters in similarly “cracked” fashion. Direct marketing and collateral materials are also in the mix. The work breaks in August to coincide with the release of the movie.

The shop was tapped for the assignment based mainly on its long-standing ties to Burton Snowboards, said David Kemp, marketing director at JDK.

The film attempts to show some of the most “groundbreaking” moves in snowboarding, “so that was the vibe for the campaign” that inspired the shattered-glass effect, added Malcolm Buick, JDK art director.