Jason Momoa Reveals Significantly Smaller Physique in Rocket Mortgage Ad

The 60-second Super Bowl spot ran in the first half of the game

Jason Momoa lifting his shirt to show a skinnier body holding a muscle suit next to it
We see a side of Jason Momoa we couldn't even fathom the existence of. Rocket Mortgage

In a 60-second spot for Quicken Loans-owned Rocket Mortgage that ran during the first half of the Super Bowl, Jason Momoa reveals a different side of himself.

Driving past the paparazzi and toward his house, the actor—known for playing big, muscley superheroes, warriors and the like—tells viewers what “home” means to him. “It’s my sanctuary.”

He continues inside, and after he pulls off his boots, viewers realize the boots had given Momoa about an extra foot of height. “It’s the only place I can let my guard down,” he says.

“I can just kick back and be totally comfortable in my own skin,” he continues, ripping off the muscle suits covering his arms and chest as he walks, revealing himself to be a very thin man.

Rocket Mortgage understands that home is where I can be myself,” says Momoa. “And that feels pretty darn good.”

In a final reveal, Momoa removes his long, wild wig, exposing a balding head beneath. “Rocket Mortgage makes you feel comfortable financing the place you feel comfortable,” the narration explains.

Quicken Loans worked with Chicago-based agency Highdive on the spot. Since its Big Game debut in 2016, the lender has advertised its end-to-end online mortgage buying service Rocket Mortgage in the Super Bowl every other year.

@klundster kathryn.lundstrom@adweek.com Kathryn Lundstrom is Adweek's breaking news reporter based in Austin.