Jared’s Back, Plugging for Subway

Subway spokes-eater Jared Fogle is back, this time in a bilingual campaign that features two new spots by Euro RSCG MVBMS Partners, New York. The work touts the chain’s commitment to health, taste and salsa—both the sauce and the dance style.

“Jared knows salsa,” says a spot that highlights two of Subway’s new “gourmet” sand wiches: the Red Wine Vinaigrette Club and the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki sub. The chain will introduce three other new sandwiches this month in its “Select” line of subs, said a Subway representative.

The commercial features a Spanish narration and a confident, yet clumsy, salsa-dancing Jared exclaiming “Sabor!” (“Tastes good!”).

The general-market spot shows Jared in a park trying to enjoy the chicken sub while fending off admirers dubious about his diet claims. “I’m still on the diet,” Jared insists.

The tagline for both the English and Spanish spots is “Eat fresh.”

Neither the agency nor the client would reveal budget figures or launch dates, but sources said the effort breaks this week and is backed by $30 million-plus in media. Subway spends $175 million annu ally via Grey Global Group’s MediaCom, New York.

“We brought out the first dedi cated spending for the Spanish market last summer, and we had, just like the general market, a parallel path: Jared for health and the ingredients for great taste,” said Allen Payano, account director for the shop’s Spanish-language unit, MVBMS Hispanic, which created the spot.

Jared’s diet is questioned, how ever, in Blim pie’s new campaign, from The Kap lan Thaler Group, which broke last week. [See page 32.] In a spot from that effort, a man asks a mop, who’s on the same diet as “that guy [who] loses weight eating subs,” how she can eat that stuff. The mop responds, “I don’t. That’s why I’m so skinny.”

Subway is the sales leader in the quick-service-restaurant category. The company had sales of $4.5 billion in 2001, up from $4 billion in 2000, according to Technomic, a Chicago-based food-industry analyst, and the Franchise Finance Corp. of America. Blimpie had sales of just over $300 million last year, and was flat versus 2000.