This Tequila Brand Got Its Shot Thanks to an Instagram Account With 15 Million Followers

Small batch liquor Jaja Tequila is taking on Big Alcohol

Taking on Big Alcohol brands like Constellation, Diageo and Pernod Ricard can be formidable for any small-batch liquor brand. And the three-tier system, by which the maker of an internationally produced spirit has to work with an importer (1) which then has to go to a distributor (2) before the product gets to the retailer (3) and finally the customer, works against most alcohol startups.

But for Maurice Tebele, co-founder of Jaja Tequila, “differentiation is key.” It also helped that Tebele’s brother, Elliot, is behind the FuckJerry Instagram account and has pushed the product to its 15.5 million followers.

In this edition of I’m With the Brand, Tebele tells Ian Wishingrad about Jaja Tequila’s early successes, stumbles and how they came up with that name.

Editor: Nick Gardner
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