Jaguar Wants to Be an Attainable Luxury Brand, and It Shows in Its New Model’s Price

XE sedan starts at $34,900

Jaguar wants to be a carmaker everyone can like, not just villains, and one more people can afford. The brand also wants to move beyond the bad-boy image it's embraced in recent campaigns and is lowering prices and hoping to boost sales in the process. 

Taking one insight from J.D. Power and Associates research to heart—that the No. 1 reason people choose not to buy a luxury automobile is, of course, price—some of Jaguar's new models will be significantly more affordable. 

"Going forward, we want to regain the value part of our DNA," said Kim McCullough, vp of marketing for Jaguar Land Rover North America. 

The brand's new XE sedan will have a starting price of just $34,900. That positions Jaguar right in the heart of current pricing from competitors like BMW, whose 3 Series is $33,150, and Lexus—its IS is $36,500. 

Another new model, the roomier XF sedan, will be priced at $51,900, coming in cheaper than Mercedes' E-Class ($53,100) and just above the Acura RLX ($50,950). 

Jaguar will still roll out a new top-of-the-line model, the XJ sedan, which rings up at $74,400 but comes with $7,000 worth of new equipment like remotes, apps, WiFi and more.

By making these changes, Jaguar could see a huge sales bump, according to McCullough, going from 380,000 units sold in 2015 to a projected 877,000 units for the XE and 1.2 million units of its new F-Pace SUV. 

What the lower prices mean for the luxury brand's image has yet to be seen.