Jacobs Joins IPG’s Gotham

Glen Jacobs’ reunion with Gotham CEO Stone Roberts was sparked by a chance meeting two months ago on a commuter train from New York to the Hudson River village where they live.

Jacobs, 50, who started last week as managing partner, group creative director on the Interpublic Group shop’s $90 million Maybelline account, had worked with Roberts at the former SSC&B:Lintas in the late 1980s.

Jacobs, who is running one of four creative groups at Gotham, previously was a global cd on Jergens at Bozell in New York. When he ran into Roberts, Bozell was being merged with sister IPG shop Lowe, and the $95 million Jergens account was on the verge of a review. Jacobs was not yet looking for a job, but Roberts had started a search for a creative leader for Maybelline.

“I’ve been looking for a while—maybe three months,” Roberts said. “You need a guy who lives the cosmetics business and will fit into the culture of Gotham.”

Jacobs also knows a half-dozen creatives at Gotham, including the executive he reports to, chief creative officer Lynn Giordano, again from SSC&B:Lintas.

“For me, coming back to work with people I genuinely like is a great thing to do,” Jacobs said. “It’s like a little family reunion.”

Gotham created the position to keep pace with the growing volume of work from its cornerstone client, Roberts said. The shop, the lead creative agency on the brand worldwide, uses sister network McCann-Erickson to distribute the work.

Jacobs’ experience also includes stints on Ponds at Ogilvy & Mather and Plenitude at Publicis, both in New York.

Creating great cosmetics advertising “demands that you stay ahead of the game,” said Jacobs. “You end up trying to be a ‘cool hunter.’ “