Jackson Swings for Cobra Golf

SAN FRANCISCO-Actor and golf enthusiast Samuel L. Jackson makes his debut this week as the voice of Cobra Golf in a 30-second TV spot from Foote, Cone & Belding. Print ads for the $3-5 million effort launched earlier this year.
Keith Bruce, director of FCB’s sports marketing unit, said Jackson’s delivery represents the “voice of challenge” in the new spot, which positions Cobra Golf as a “sports brand for the all-around athlete,” with an attitude not unlike that of Nike or Adidas.
Bruce said Cobra wants to trigger the emotional aspects of the game. The tag asks, “What you gonna do?”
The commercial, shot in Cobra Golf’s signature black and gold tones, shows a golfer silently and intensely contemplating whether he should best his golfing partners and go for a tough shot on the last hole.
Jackson, as the golfer’s taunting inner voice, says, “They all laid up. Spineless jellyfish. You, too? … You gonna go to work and tell everyone, “Hey! You should’ve seen me lay up on the 18!’ … So what you gonna do?”
The golfer, of course, takes the shot, leaving his buddies far behind.
The San Francisco shop recruited Jackson after agency staffers read a profile of the actor in Golf Magazine in which he complained that an airline had lost his favorite Cobra Golf driver.
“We sent him a new driver,” Bruce said. “It had the wrong shaft … but he was still very happy to work with us.” ƒ