Jackhammer Gets More Play On Virgin’s Software Games

After a previous partnership stalled out, Jackhammer here has been handed project work for video game titles marketed by Virgin Interactive.
Jackhammer principal John Beitter said last week his shop has been chosen to create a print campaign to launch the PC version of a game called Resident Evil and is also assisting with the development of a “highly controversial” contest under development. That game’s working title is S&M and it includes a scenario in which players are transported between earth and hell.
Beitter said the agency’s work for S&M will include designing product packaging and front-end graphics that appear within the game.
Billings for the assignments are undisclosed.
Jackhammer is also developing collateral materials for the company that describe Virgin Interactive’s philosophy and will be distributed internally as well as to retail buyers.
Executives at Virgin Interactive in Irvine, Calif., could not be reached at press time.
“The assignments include traditional advertising but really go beyond that. We’re getting deeper into design work with them,” Beitter said. Jackhammer’s category experience includes work for clients such as GT Interactive, id Software and Ion Storm.
Jackhammer began handling work six months ago for a Virgin Interactive title that was eventually scrapped. Beitter said he maintained an open line to the client that led to the new work.