Jack Link’s Pulls Bigfoot’s Leg

CHICAGO Interpublic Group’s Carmichael Lynch depicts hikers and other outdoorsmen playing sophomoric practical jokes on Bigfoot for Jack Link’s beef jerky.

The campaign, which breaks this week and will run throughout most of the year, continues the “Feed [their] wild side” positioning developed by the agency last year. In the new spots, hikers play practical jokes on Sasquatch, emboldened by the beef jerky.

In one ad, hikers put ink on the eyepieces of binoculars and then call the creature to have a look. Other spots show hikers putting shaving cream on a sleeping Sasquatch’s palm and then tickling his nose. Also featured: the time-honored “hand in bowl of warm water” trick, which causes Sasquatch to urinate in his sleep.

“These are people who are firmly in touch with their wild side. To these guys it makes perfect sense to be walking through the woods, see a monster and play a prank that could get you killed,” said Peter McHugh, chief creative officer at CL in Minneapolis. “It creates a club that you want to be a part of.”

The work continues a theme set out in the company’s first advertising campaign, which launched last year, but in a much more humorous vein. Previous spots showed trappers and scientists observing Jack Link’s eaters in their natural habitat: the wild. One spot showed a helicopter pursuing a herd of jerky eaters, eventually stunning and tagging one.

The new work will air on cable networks including Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, ESPN, Spike and VH1, among others.

The Minong, Wis., company spent $7 million on advertising last year, according to Nielsen Monitor-Plus.