Jack Daniel’s “Lynchburg”

This 60-second spot for Jack Daniel’s from Arnold will run in cinemas in the U.K., where, apparently, the scotch-whiskey drinking locals need to be convinced that the brew’s highly exotic, Lynchburg, Tenn., roots are for real. (Actually, the term “whiskey” derives from the Gaelic for “moonshine from Jed Clampett’s still,” but Brits probably wouldn’t believe that, either.) We see barns, hills, gas stations, front porches and even rocking chairs in this slow and amusing tour of the green and pretty town of Lynchburg — population 361. “Everybody knows everybody here,” one of the flannel-shirted interviewees explains. Less “Morning in America,” and more “Waiting to Make the Whiskey,” the thread of the film is evident. “We ain’t in no hurry,” says a distillery worker. And another adds: “Every drop of Jack Daniel’s ever made was made right here.” Directed by Chris Palmer of Gorgeous Enterprises, the spot presents a charming look at the place that’s been the home of Jack Daniel’s since 1866. The takeaway is what every brand craves: Authenticity.
–Barbara Lippert