Jack Daniel’s Feeling Safe

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey next month will launch “Crack Jack’s Safe,” its first national sweepstakes promotion, backed by $1.5 million in support and advertising from Simmons Durham & Associates, St. Louis.
National print, on and off premise, online ads and radio spots will tout the promotion in 15 markets. Running through the end of April, the promotion promises a $100,000 cash prize to one grand winner out of 40 finalists who are issued a winning safe combination.
Finalists will be taken to Tennessee and treated to a night at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., a visit to Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg, Tenn., distillery, a southern barbecue and spending money.
“The sweepstakes and promotions were a natural fit,” said Erin Schlader, national marketing manager for the brand, marketed by Brown-Forman Beverages Worldwide in Louisville, Ky. “It creates a lot of excitement around the brand in a relevant way to the customer and communicates a lot of the lure that is part of its history.”
The promotion plays off the way the founder of the namesake whiskey died–from complications from breaking his big toe while kicking a locked steel safe in frustration. Jack Daniel’s partners with Sport Illustrated and the Sport and Social Club of the U.S. to allow both to provide one finalist each.
Jack Daniel’s will break new color ads from Simmons Durham to support the promotion in issues of Men’s Journal, Playboy, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo!, Internet Life, George and ESPN Magazine. Traditional black-and-white ads will run in other publications.
On-site promotions will give away T-shirt and hat premiums along with other trinkets for bargoers who can crack the safe with a winning key. Patrons can enter to win through the Web and reply cards at the point of sale.

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