J20 “A Horse Called Cynthia”

 Sound tracks from two very different video clips get mixed up. Hilarity ensures. That’s the shtick in new commercials (via BBH, London) for Britvic’s J20fruit drink, a product in which fruit flavors like apple and raspberry have been mixed up to yield novel combinations. Yes, you may feel a bit juvenile as (thanks to the soundtrack mixups) you laugh at the spectacle of a cowboy voicing romantic sentiments to his horse and a stuffy-looking gent addressing his lady love as if she were a horse – to which she neighs in response. But you laugh nonetheless. That’s no small thing these days, and it leaves you feeling well-disposed toward J20 for having given you this little treat, regardless of whether you care about the connection between mixed-up soundtracks and mixed-up fruits. The pseudo-vintage film clips look like the real thing (though they were shot for this campaign), and this adds to the humorous effect. The tagline takes the joke farther than it probably needs to go, announcing that “It’s metter to bix things up.” –Mark Dolliver