J. Winsper Scores With Information Builders

BOSTON J. Winsper & Co. has leveraged a past relationship with business software concern Information Builders to pick up the client’s ad business.

“This account was mine at Leo Burnett,” said Jeff Winsper, agency chief executive, referring to his past association with the client during his 1990s tenure with Leo Burnett’s technology marketing unit. “I know the CEO and the rest of their management team very well.” Based in New York, Information Builders has not worked with an agency in the past several years.

The first work from J. Winsper, a Providence, R.I., independent, will be largely print based, breaking in publications such as CIO and InformationWeek. The goal is to “leverage their stronger competitive advantage at the product level: enterprise reporting software” against competitors such as Cognos, Winsper said. The budget was not disclosed, but companies in the client’s space have spent approximately $3-5 million annually on ads.

The win is important for the shop because it “fits into our continuing strategy to work with clients who aspire to build relationships with C-suite audiences” such as CEOs, CFOs and CTOs, Winsper said.