IT’S y2-Yea! FOR bay state

With no major computer problems reported in Massachusetts following the advent of the millennium, the state’s “Be Y2K wise” media campaign appears destined for time-capsule status.
Crafted by the Rendon Group of Boston, a 30-second television spot and several radio commercials aired throughout December. The ads urged the public to call the state’s toll-free Y2K information line or visit a special Web site for tips on what to do in case computer-dependent services malfunctioned owing to the Year 2000 date changeover.
The state spent about $175,000 on the effort, including a small media buy on radio. The TV spot ran as a public service announcement.
The result? About 8,000 residents from 140 cities called or visited the Web site, according to Peter Judge, an official with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.
When the millennium finally arrived, “we got bored to death,” Judge said. “I can’t come up with an example [of a Y2K-related mishap of note]. That’s the best thing that could have happened.”
–David Gianatasi