It’s Time to Create a Risk-Free, Open and Connected Advertising Environment

It’s what audiences and their favorite businesses deserve

An open and connected space is more accommodating for everyone involved. Getty Images

The airplane is a miracle of an invention. A trip from New York to London, once a week-long steamship journey, can be completed in just six hours. But even with the promise of speedy travel, would you ever buy a ticket, even at a discounted rate, from an airline that deprioritized safety? Of course, you wouldn’t. The risk isn’t worth it.

The Business of Marketing

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@lindayacc Linda Yaccarino is chairman of advertising sales and client partnerships for NBCUniversal. She is also a member of the Adweek Advisory Board. Linda Yaccarino is also the chairman of the World Economic Forum’s taskforce on the future of work and the vice chairman of The Advertising Council.