‘It’s Time’ for Goodby

Positions E*Trade as a Long-Term Strategy
SAN FRANCISCO–Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ new campaign for E*Trade uses humor to position the online brokerage as a tool for long-term investing, while emphasizing it’s not a short cut to great wealth.
The effort–Goodby’s first for the client since picking up the $50-100 million business from Gotham, New York, last month–replaces the tagline “Someday we’ll all invest this way” with “It’s time for E*Trade. The No. 1 place to invest online.”
“Gotham did a great job of establishing E*Trade,” said Jerry Gramaglia, vice president of marketing, sales and communications for the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company. “[But] we wanted something with a broader foundation … that could easily run on CNBC and Ally McBeal.”
One of five 30-second TV spots from Goodby shows an old woman sitting on a couch and putting on lipstick while listening intently to the sounds outside her house. Each time she hears a car, she rushes anxiously to the window to peek out, then frowns when she sees no one is visiting her house.
The spot cuts to text that reads, “The sweepstakes van ain’t coming.” A voiceover delivers the tagline.
“This is about taking control of your financial destiny,” said Rich Silverstein, agency partner and creative director. “E*Trade is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s a public service for financial planning.”
The campaign’s print component plays up E*Trade’s signature spring green and purple colors in the text, and again makes use of humor.
One print execution reads, “Waiting for your rich uncle to die is sick. Plus it might take awhile.”