It’s So Easy, With Cotton

NEW YORK Cotton Inc., a cotton growers’ association, launched a 30-second television spot on Wednesday touting the fabric’s easy-care qualities.

The commercial, via DDB in New York, is called “Dry Cleaner,” and is the latest iteration in a campaign that three years ago replaced Cotton’s long-running “Fabric of our lives” series. The theme of the current campaign is “You can never have enough.”

“We went edgier with the new campaign, which targets a younger 18-34-year-old consumer,” said Ira Livingston, svp of consumer marketing for Cotton Inc., which is funded by U.S. growers as well as importers of cotton textiles. “The new campaign keeps the warm fuzzy of the previous effort but adds fashion and function to the message.”

The client spends $15-20 million annually on TV ads, Livingston said. Another $5 million supports print and partnerships with retailers such as Wal-Mart and Federated.

“Dry Cleaner” uses humor to convey cotton’s ease of care by showing a lonely drycleaner in his shop as he forlornly watches women who, because of their cotton outfits, no longer need his dry-cleaning services. The spot ends with the cotton symbol and the tagline, “Low maintenance. High style.”

The commercial is airing on UPN and the WB. A second spot, “Mystery Fabric,” is slated to begin running in about a week.