Your bathroom, that is. A new consumer campaign breaking this week for New Jersey-based American Standard takes a look at the relationship people have to their sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Three print ads, the first created by Carmichael Lynch/Minneapolis, break in May issues of People, as well as specialty publications including Woman’s Day and Better Homes & Gardens.
One ad, which carries the headline, ‘It’s Seen You Naked. It’s Heard You Sing,’ shows a picture of a bathtub drain that looks like a wide-eyed little face.
The copy-light ads direct consumers to call an 800 number for a free tabloid-sized brochure titled, ‘We Want You to Love Your Bathroom.’
‘The brochure is great bathroom reading,’ said Carmichael Lynch creative director Tom Gabriel. ‘It’s filled with product info as well as obscure trivia about the bathroom, like when you add up all the time you spend in there, how many years is it?’
The answer? Seven years.
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