In Its Own Acceptance Speech, McDonald's Thanks Those Who Make All-Day Breakfast Possible

Oscars ad spoofs award winners

McDonald's is thanking all the people who make all-day breakfast possible in a spot by Leo Burnett in Chicago set to air during the Oscars. The ad, "Good Morning Oscars," celebrates everyone who works to whip up McDonald's hash browns, Egg McMuffins and pancakes. The voiceover points out that the officially allotted time for an Oscars acceptance speech is 45 seconds and then asks, "Wouldn't that be a lot more bearable if that was paired with a montage of delicious breakfast food?" The ad proceeds to show just such a montage accompanied by an acceptance speech. (Leo Burnett creative director Frank Oles offered Adweek his own tongue-in-cheek advice for making the perfect Oscars acceptance speech earlier this week.)