“It’s not just sponsoring a brand of fashion,

“It’s not just sponsoring a brand of fashion, which you see quite a lot, but it’s really more participating and being a part of fashion,” says Amsterdam’s KesselsKramer art director Karen Heuter. She’s speaking about “Absolut Label,” the second-annual project in which Absolut commissions up-and-coming designers from around the globe to create a piece of fashion with the brand in mind. Last year, it was T-shirts; this year, it’s bags. Ten designers from countries ranging from Brazil to Turkey designed bags for the brand, using a word from the bottle’s copy, “Famous,” as inspiration. The bags are showcased at events in designers’ home countries, as well as in print ads and a book sent to art and fashion trendsetters. “In the past, [Absolut] has worked with very famous people,” Heuter says. “This is a new way for them to also involve the young talent, which I think is a very nice thing.” Next year’s label project: underwear.