“It’s Mine”

In a year where there was decidedly less farting and groin bashing (staples of past big-game ads), we were instead rewarded with a refreshing dose of kindness.

Once more, Coke is it. The Wieden + Kennedy spot, wordless, evocative and hopeful, featured parade balloons of Underdog and Stewie fighting, as Charlie Brown ascends to the heavens. A giant Coke bottle (looking like a fabulous soft sculpture) floats nearby. And with Lucy nowhere in sight, Chuck finally gets his wish and hugs the football — er, Coke bottle — as it sails into orbit.

The characters were unexpected and the cinematography (a fine interplay of light and shadows in the city) gorgeous. The outcome: a Coke and a smile. I think this is one for the ages — right up there with “Mountaintop” and “Mean Joe Greene.”–Barbara Lippert