The Central Ohio Restaurant Association doesn’t want the people of Columbus, Ohio, to think the first Taste Columbus festival it’s sponsoring will be anything like the Ohio State Fair.
The new festival, making its debut on Labor Day weekend, won’t offer corn dogs, and there won’t be any blue ribbons for the wooliest sheep or chubbiest porkers. Instead, Taste Columbus will showcase the wares of 25 of the city’s top restaurants.
Zero Base Advertising in suburban Dublin, Ohio, was called on to attract young, upscale citizens who may shun the state fair but enjoy restaurant-hopping.
Zero Base responded with a series of posters–placed in the city’s trendy gallery neighborhoods– featuring a clientele that likely won’t be at Taste Columbus: bikers. “If I can’t open the bottles with my teeth, I ain’t going,” says the copy on one ad.
Below the biker photos is the festival’s tag: “For people with taste.” –Scott Hume