It’s Man vs. Cheetah in Super Bowl Ad Teaser for Skechers

Mr. Quiggly's company switches species

A dog lover last year with its generally well-received "Mr. Quiggly" spot, Skechers is suddenly into cats for this year's Super Bowl.

The spot, scheduled to air during the two-minute warning before halftime, will feature a man in Skechers GOrun 2 shoes chasing a cheetah, judging by this just-released teaser.

Siltanen Partners created the spot and the teaser.

Like the cheetah, which is the world's fastest land animal, Skechers GOrun 2 sneaker is lightweight, sleek and fast, the company said. This will be the second straight Super Bowl with a cheetah. One spot last year showed a cheetah (briefly) racing a Hyundai.

Skechers's "Mr. Quiggly" spot in last year's game, which featured a French bulldog outrunning some greyhounds, finished at No. 3 on the USA Today Ad Meter.

That was a marked improvement from the company's first two years on the game, when it aired underwhelming spots starring Joe Montana (2010) and Kim Kardashian (2011).

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