it’s fava time!

When enjoying a cold brew, many of us think peanuts. J. Walter Thompson, however, gets the munchies for beans.
The Chicago shop has created a Web-site extension of its debut campaign for Miller Brewing’s Genuine Draft brand, which launched Jan. 22. The tie-in: In one TV spot, a man seeking capital for an Internet site is inspired to rename his beans-delivery service after the dog of a rich dowager–Captain Barky.
“People almost always check when they hear about a,” said copywriter Meena Vetri, explaining why the Web site was created.
Visitors who check out either of the names mentioned in the spot ( or are greeted by the boast, “We bean business.” Nevertheless, any search for genuine beans results in the statement, “We are temporarily out of stock.” The site then suggests that “beans go great with beer. How ’bout an ice-cold MGD with your legumes?”
“If nothing else, we’re entertaining ourselves,” said Bob Merlotti, JWT group creative director.
No beans about it. –Jenn Godd